Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey everyone!  Long time no post.  There have been some major changes over at Chain Drive, and they have decided to close the bar on Wednesdays, save for the 1st of every month so that we can do No Doves.

Starting in October and continuing until further notice, No Doves Fly Here will occur only on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

We say October, because on September 5th we are all going to RED 7 to see the legendary T.S.O.L.!  You should go too!

So, to recap, No Doves Fly Here will NOT happen AT ALL in September, and the next scheduled No Doves will be October 3rd.  See you all then!

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Moral Hex songs on youtube!

This one's called "The Joke's On US and it's really great, check it out!

From what we've heard they have a new LP coming out at the end of summer.

Playlists from 6/20/2012

DJ Damage Done:
Leningrad Sandwich - Edge
A-Heads - Forgotten Hero
A.U.K. - World Leaders
Smartpils - Gorgeous
Lost Cherrees - Sexism's Sick pt. 2
Know The Drill - New Winter
Moral Hex - The Joke's On Us
Anarka and Poppy - If It Dies We Die
The Mob - Mirror Breaks
Dekoder - Hate Song
1981 - Blind Acceptance
Killing Joke - Blue Feather
Vex - World In Action
A Touch of Hysteria - Lord's Crusade

Chron Gen - outlaw
Omega Tribe - Duty Calls
Crass - Systematic Death
Conflict - The Guilt and the Glory
Exit-Stance - Christian Militia

Southern Death Cult - Apache (request)
Twisted Nerve - When I'm Alone
Diatribe - Stop Dancing
Thatcher On Acid - Clock Watching

Killing Joke - Follow The Leaders 

DJ Nexus:

Alien Sex Fiend-Alien 
Fad Gadget-Lady Shave
Alan Vega-Be Bop a Lula
Tom Waits-Goin' Out West
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-I Had a Dream, Joe
Bauhaus-Passion of Lovers
Killing Joke-Pssyche
Adverts-New Church 
Black Flag-Loose Nut
Dead Kennedys-Terminal Preppie
Sisters of Mercy-Amphetamine Logic
Clan of Xymox-Muscoviet Musquito
Tones on Tail-Christian Says
Birthday Party-Happy Birthday
Stranglers-North Winds
Lord's of the New Church-Lord's Prayer
The Damned-History of the World Part 1
Pink Turns Blue-When the Hammer Comes Down

See you next time!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Doves Flew Here

Christian Eason got this photo of graffiti left by The Mob after their show at the Mohawk in Austin on Thursday, May 31.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

About the No Doves CD Sampler, Vol. 3

This is info about the free No Doves Fly Here CD-R comp. of current bands we gave away on May 16, 2012.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Playlist for May 16, 2012!

Here's what you danced, drank, passed out, and made bad decisions to at No Doves Fly Here on Wednesday, May 16, 2012!

The next No Doves is Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

bauhaus - hope
world/inferno friendship society - friend of the friendless
leonard cohen - take this waltz
the smiths - unhappy birthday
burning kitchen - impact
deathcharge - untitled
clan of xymox - cry in the wind
siouxsie and the banshees - placebo effect
ausgang - sink into you
theatre of hate - love is a ghost
death cult - christians
cemetery - sex foil
arctic flowers - slouching towards bethlehem
christ vs. warhol - robin hood in reverse
virgin prunes - baby turns blue
killing joke - sun goes down
skeletal family - promised land
rosetta stone - deeper
red lorry yellow lorry - monkey's on juice
slug guts - white cross
the sound - skeletons
the vicious - dead town
screaming dead - serenade of suicide
leonard cohen - the future
sisters of mercy - nine while nine
ghost dance - river of no return
rubella ballet - tv scream
christian death - desperate hell
flowers in the dustbin - november's song
dekoder - refuse
poison girls - price of grain
chumbawamba - invasion
icons of filth - show us you care
rudimentary peni - in crematorium flame
the freeze - crawling blind
the blood - waste of flesh and bone
zounds - knife
the astronauts - Blood
the mob - dance on (you fool)


New model Army-vengeance
Sisters of Mercy-Alice
Gabinete Caligari-Maquis
Bauhaus-dark entries
Fangs on fur-snake
Subhumans -religious wars
Belgrado-in my head
Joy division- interzone
Southern Death Cult-crypt
Los Carniceros Del Norte-Amantes De Ultratumba
Killing Joke-the wait
Fields of the Nephilim -preacher man
Play Dead -sacrosanct
Korbak-crows feeding
Gun Club-sexbeat
Lords of the new Church-new church
x-mal deutschland -incubus succubus
Le Vene Di Lucretia - Santa Violenta
Zero Vision-Loss Of Nerve (Chainsaw)
Paralisis Permanente-sangre
Alien sex Fiend-hurricane fighter plane

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An interview with postpunk band Dekoder!

Dekoder hail from Montreal and cite Xmal Deustchland and Poison Girls as influences. I'll just quote the excellent blog Terminal Escape and their description of this very cool postpunk band: "Female fronted goth/post punk from Montreal, these songs sound instantly familiar and welcoming. Perhaps it's because this is descended from the same species of underground music that first pulled me away from pop music, but I felt an instant connection to this music, as if it had been in my life for years. The vocals drip with Siouxsie's influence and the guitars are ripped from the hands of grudgingly infectious bands like INTERPOL and returned to a circa 1979 Bernard Sumner, where they belong. Subdued and deliberate, calculated and penetrating, there are only four songs here, but DEKODER are nothing short of brilliant."

They have a Bandcamp page here and a Facebook page here.

Megan, the singer and guitarist, and Pete, the bassist, were interviewed by Oliver in May, 2012.