Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tomorrow, Wed., night, come out to No Doves in Austin :)

Wednesday, February 1st, DJs Damage Done and Straylight will be spinning deathrock, gothic rock, and postpunk from 10PM 'til 2AM. No cover, as always. 21 and up. At Chain Drive.

Facebook event/RSVP page is here with details.

Friday, January 27, 2012

No Doves is happening Feb 1st and Feb 15th

The next No Doves is Wednesday, February 1st, with DJs Damage Done and Straylight.

The one after that is Wednesday, February 15th, with DJs Damage Done and Death Church.

As always, no cover, 10PM-2AM, 21 and up, at Chain Drive, 504 Willow St., Austin, TX 78701.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Doves DJ setlists for January 18, 2012

Here's what you danced, drank, passed out, and made bad decisions to, on January 18, 2012.

This is DJ Damage Done and DJ Straylights' setlists. Guest DJ Malediction's set will be added when it comes in!


THE DAMNED - ignite
BAUHAUS - sanity assassin
SOCIAL UNREST - i am the nation
FATAL MICROBES - violence grows
KILLING JOKE - chop-chop
EFFIGIES - haunted town
JOY DIVISION - disorder
ADVERTS - safety in numbers
THE CIGARETTES - you were so young
THE EAT - communist radio
NIPPLE ERECTORS - all the time in the world
BUZZCOCKS - harmony in my head
CRISIS - alienation
THE MOB - gates of hell
FEEDERZ - 1984
WARSAW - they walked in line
CHRISTIAN DEATH - romeo's distress
GORILLA ANGREB - de kommer ud om natten
REGULATIONS - police siren
FUCKED UP - circling the drain
THE BRATS - punk fashion
THE VICIOUS - obsessive compulsive disorder
UK SUBS - living dead
THE DAMNED - neat neat neat
THE OBSERVERS - lead pill
CHRON GEN - subway sadist
SUBHUMANS - religious wars
LOST CHERREES - nervous breakdown
THE AVENGERS - the american in me
X-RAY SPEX - identity


DANSE SOCIETY - 2000 Light Years From Home
FAD GADGET - Lady Shave
ALIEN SEX FIEND - Nightmare Zone
THE THREE JOHNS - Do Not Cross The Line
DANIEL ASH - Bluebird
VIRGIN PRUNES - Baby Turns Blue
LYDIA LUNCH - Fields of Fire
COLD PHOENIX - Sensation
NEW ORDER - Chosen Time
SISTERS OF MERCY - A Rock and a Hard Place
SUICIDE - Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne
MARCH VIOLETS - Religious as Hell
BAUHAUS - Watch That Granddad Go
THE DAMNED - Lively Arts
SECTION 25 - Dirty Disco II
LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH - Pretty Baby Scream

Friday, January 20, 2012

No Doves Interview with DJ Ely Bat/Malediction

This is part of a small series of interviews we're doing with DJs we consider to be important dark punk/deathrock/dark postpunk DJs. See our previous interview with DJ Johnny Bubonic (of the belated Funeral Drive in Dallas -- the weekly (!) deathrock night that ran from about 2001 'til 2004 in DFW), for example. 

Ely recently DJ-ed at the January 18, No Doves Fly Here.

NO DOVES FLY HERE: As far we are concerned, you are currently THE deathrock/dark postpunk DJ in Texas, bar none. You and DJ Munster bring it. I mean, you could be playing any type of music in the world as a DJ, like stuff that "packs the dance floor" in the most cynical and moneymaking way, i.e. dance-y stuff like Ke$ha -- or bad EBM, like Spock, bands and music that people and Djs at other clubs relentlessly try to promote and foist on people as being what they need to understand is great. So, in spite of that, why do you love and choose to play deathrock and dark postpunk, regardless of this?

ELY MALEDICTION: I grew up on metal and punk as a kid and quickly latched on to stuff like Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Misfits, Sex Pistols, and the Stooges. For me Deathrock has the dark element of some of the groups I loved as a kid, and it brings with it the kick in the teeth of punk rock. 

No Doves Jan 18 photos

Here are some pics we took on Wednesday, January 18, at No Doves Fly Here. There would have been more if I had remembered to bring my camera's memory card. - 0liver

This first "photo" is of the No Doves "yearbook" sign-in. Signatories: Ely Bat/DJ Malediction; Cutter TwoWheels/DJ Damage Done; Oliver Sheppard/DJ Death Church; Detra Munster; Jack Control; Christian Eason; Patrick Edwards; Candice Dublin; Daniel Jamison; Ashley En; Christian Eason/DJ Furnace Door of Sunken Lantern's Waltz; Andrew at Chain Drive, who is the best bartender in the world; Crumbelina Gee and Crumblestiltskin Gee, who co-host Tyranny of Beauty. And others, whose name I can't decipher. If you were there and did not sign, that's my fault. We'll get you next time! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Deathrock in Central TX for the weekend of Jan 13th-Jan 14th, 2012

Friday night, January 13th, 2012 - Deathrock Disko in Austin! (Exquisite Corpse is also happening down the street at Swan Dive; event details here.) We've posted about January's Deathrock Disko here, here, and here, and also on our own Facebook page. As Deathrock Disko has traditionally happened only twice per year, it's worth another post. The music is always great, without exception, and we are supporters of the event.

Click the Deathrock Disko flyer below for the Facebook RSVP page with event details, or see our previous post here.

The next day, Saturday, January 14th, in San Antonio at the Thirsty Camel, DJs Malediction and Munster will put on the once-per-month 1313 deathrock event night. No cover, 9:30-ish PM 'til 2AM. We posted about this before, too -- here.

Click the 1313 flyer below for more event details.

And how can we not mention that DJ Malediction, who's having quite a busy week, will also be DJ-ing the Wednesday, January 18, 2012 No Doves Fly Here? Yes, we've also posted about this, too. The Facebook RSVP/event page for that is here. It's free, as always, 10PM-2AM, and at Chain Drive.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Punk Show Tonight, w/DJ Damage Done

if you're looking for something to do tonight, come to the 29th street ballroom at 10:30 and see Criaturas, Creamers, Recide and Crooked Bangs.  No Doves' own DJ Damage Done will be providing the in-between-bands tuneage.  here's a link for the show:

Austin Cut - 1/10/2012

and here's a link to the Creamers' facebook page:

the Creamers

and if i don't catch you tonight, see you next wednesday for No Doves Fly Here!  (- Damage Done)

Monday, January 9, 2012

No Doves interviews Fangs on Fur

Fangs on Fur. Great current deathrock band? Or -- greatest? They now have Christ Vs Warhol's Steve James playing bass for them (see below). And yet we ALREADY interviewed Christ vs Warhol! But still --  this Fangs on Fur interview was still damn fun.

Fangs on Fur and Christ Vs Warhol are among the two best contemporary deathrock bands, period. Their official website and store is one place, here. They also have a Myspace page and a Facebook page. Additionally, they have a Bandcamp page.

Fangs on Fur interviewed January 8, 2012.

NO DOVES FLY HERE: I'll go ahead and ask a standard question first: Who came up with the name "Fangs on Fur," and what does it mean?

F-Boy: I did. I misheard what a friend was saying and I said, "FANGS ON FUR, THAT'S PERFECT!" My friend tried to correct me and before he could tell me what he meant to say, I told him never to tell me. I still don't know what he actually said.

F-Girl: At the time we were in another band. F-Boy said "Fangs on Fur," and I flipped out. I said, "This is going to be the name of our first album." That band broke up and F-boy and I started Fangs on Fur ten minutes later! As to what it means? It could mean anything. It could be violent when it needs to be, it could be sexual if it wants to be, and it could be defiant when it has to be.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Come out to No Doves Fly Here on January 18 w/ DJ Malediction!

The next No Doves is Wednesday, January 18, 2012. Guest DJ Ely Malediction from San Antonio will be spinning with DJ Damage Done (and maybe a surprise guest DJ or two). The Facebook event page for this night is here. As always, no cover, 21 and up, 10PM 'til 2AM, and at Chain Drive, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Before our January 18 night, you can catch DJ Malediction at Deathrock Disko on Friday the 13th in Austin (which we've posted about before here, and here) and also on Saturday,  January 14 at 1313 in San Antonio with DJ Munster (which we've also posted about and support!). See the links for details!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Doves Fly Here: Finalized dates for 2012!

These are the finalized, twice-per-month dates for No Doves Fly Here, all in one handy flyer graphic. You can also see the dates in text format here.

January 13, 2012 in Austin: Deathrock Disko, Exquisite Corpse, and...

We posted about it here once before, but here it is again: Deathrock Disko will be happening in Austin on January 13, 2012, with DJs Malediction and None! The Facebook event/RSVP page is here. 9:30 PM 'til...? 21 and up, $5; under 21, $7. If you have an Exquisite Corpse stamp (see below), you get in for $3.

The same night, a few blocks away at Swan Dive, Exquisite Corpse: Vote for the Goat - A Capricornian Celebration is also happening. They're advertising "old school goth - new wave - witch house - dance party" at the event page. It's the one year anniversary of Exquisite Corpse: $5 for folks dressed up, $7 for folks not dressed up, and $3 for those with a Deathrock Disko hand stamp.

Coincidentally, in San Antonio on yet again this same night -- Friday the 13th, that is -- Dark Entries is also celebrating their one year anniversary at Korova with DJ Detra Munster, who has guested at No Doves before. (I can't find the event page, but if someone sends it, I'll post more info.)

The next day -- January 14, 2012 -- San Antonio's 1313 monthly deathrock commences with both DJs Malediction and DJ Munster. No cover, 21 and up, 10PM -2AM at the Thirsty Camel in SATX.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Setlist for January 4, 2012 No Doves

Here's the setlist from January 4, 2012's No Doves Fly Here, from DJs Damage Done and Death Church. This is what you danced, drank, and passed out to:

January 4, 2012

DJ Damage Done:
10PM until 11PM:

THE EFFIGIES - haunted town
THE EAT - communist radio
RAZAR - stamp out disco
THE FLYING SPIDERS - need for love
ZOUNDS - target
WARSAW - they walked in line
CRISIS - holocaust
THE MOB - witch hunt
RUBELLA BALLET - arctic flowers
45 GRAVE - dream hits II
X-RAY SPEX - identity
ADVERTS - quick step
SCREAMING DEAD - night creatures
THE VICIOUS - dead town
TSOL - silent scream
GUN CLUB - she's like heroin to me
FEEDERZ - 1984
UK SUBS - living dead
THE DAMNED - love song

12 AM 'TIL 1 AM

CHRIST VS WARHOL - transmission
LOS PARALITIKOS - la ninfomana
SAVAGE REPUBLIC - next to nothing
MEAT OF YOUTH - meat of youth
CONCRETE BLONDE - god is a bullet
FANGS ON FUR - blood on the sand
THE MISSION - sacrilege
CLAN OF XYMOX - cry in the wind
CHRIST VS WARHOL - robin hood in reverse
KILLING JOKE - another bloody election
VOODOO CHURCH - live with the dead
MARCH VIOLETS - snake dance
FRANKENSTEIN - flesh garage
BAUHAUS - dark entries
RADIO WEREWOLF - 1960 cadillac hearse

DJ Death Church:

9:40-ish PM 'til 10:00 PM

1. BELLICOSE MINDS - Visions of Pain

2. D&V - Al Siithi
3. DEAD KENNDYS - Kill the Poor
4. EMPIRE - Electric Guitar
6. FAMOUS IMPOSTORS - Cradle to the Grave
7. EXIT-STANCE - Witch Trial
8. FLIEHENDE STURME - Ich Habe Geschrein

11 PM - 12AM

NAUGHTY ZOMBIES - Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra (Las Vulpess)
SUBTONIX - Black Nails in My Coffin
PENIS FLYTRAP - Cemetery Girl
PETER MURPHY - Final Solution (Pere Ubu)

KILLING JOKE - Money is Not Our God
LES THUGS - Birds of Ill Omen

WIRE - In the Art of Stopping
THE SKABS - New Jack Slut

ODESSA - Comrad
MISSING PRESUMED DEAD - The Truth About Corned Beef
MISFITS - Who Killed Marilyn?
THE DARK - Masque
CHRISTIAN DEATH - Spiritual Cramp

1AM - 2AM

RIKK AGNEW - It's Doing Something
GLORIOUS DIN - Tenement Roofs
CINEMA STRANGE - The Nocturnal

BOYD RICE - I'd Rather Be Your Enemy
SCARS - Horror Show
PHAIDIA - Darkness
1919 - Control

THE CRAMPS - Can't Find My Mind
THE SODS - Pictures of Us
DEATH IN JUNE - Death is the Martyr of Beauty
ROME - To Die Among Strangers
SONNE HAGAL - Death of the Corn (Current 93)
MAGAZINE - Song from Under the Floorboards



Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Interview with PART 1 singer Jake Baker!

Part 1 is just the sort of band that No Doves Fly Here was started to play: Great, overlooked dark postpunk and deathrock. Call us hopelessly romantic champions of the underdog, but Part 1 to this day have never been given their day in the sun, mainly existing in Rudimentary Peni's shadow and generally referred to only in the context of the better-known "sister" band. Although Ian Glasper's The Day the Country Died devoted a whole chapter to interviewing Part 1, the band is still sort of the ultimate cult dark British postpunk band.

This is an interview with Jake Baker, the singer on all of Part 1's official releases.

NO DOVES FLY HERE: Jake, what years were were you in Part 1? How did you come to join the band or meet the other members of Part 1?

JAKE BAKER: I was fortunate enough to be in the band from its conception in 1980 until the the end of 83. We met at school and got together shortly after leaving and after a few garage bands and line up changes we created PART 1.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Next No Doves: THIS Wednesday, January 4th!

Since No Doves has gone into twice-per-month mode, it may seem a little sudden that the next event night is this Wednedsay, January 4, 2012! (Whereas before we were on only the 3rd Wednesday of the month, now we're on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday, starting this very month!)

See you there! It's free, 21 and up, and from 10PM to 2AM, as always. Chain Drive is no longer a cash-only bar; it accepts plastic now, too.

Local radio worth supporting

Here are two great, newer local webradio shows by friends of No Doves. You can take a look at the playlists, and I'm sure you'll be as impressed as we are. So far it's more postpunk, deathrock, experimental, hardcore, garage, and political music than mere mortals deserve!

Every Monday from 3PM to 7PM is the Sunken Lantern's Waltz, hosted by the Furnace Door (Mr. Eason himself!) whose KAOS page is here. Check out the playlists here. And you can subscribe to the podcast here; i.e. you can listen to archived shows if you miss any.

And starting this Wednesday, January 4, at 1PM (and lasting 'til 3PM) will be a new show, the Tyranny of Beauty, by Crumbelina and Crumblestiltskin Gee, whose page at KAOS Radio is here, and whose Facebook event page is here. The podcast subscription URL is here.

In short, every Monday, from 3PM 'til 7PM, and every Wednesday from 3PM 'til 5PM is wall-to-wall good music, but if you can't catch the shows live you can subscribe to the podcasts, which are archived as mp3s.