Monday, July 2, 2012

New Moral Hex songs on youtube!

This one's called "The Joke's On US and it's really great, check it out!

From what we've heard they have a new LP coming out at the end of summer.

Playlists from 6/20/2012

DJ Damage Done:
Leningrad Sandwich - Edge
A-Heads - Forgotten Hero
A.U.K. - World Leaders
Smartpils - Gorgeous
Lost Cherrees - Sexism's Sick pt. 2
Know The Drill - New Winter
Moral Hex - The Joke's On Us
Anarka and Poppy - If It Dies We Die
The Mob - Mirror Breaks
Dekoder - Hate Song
1981 - Blind Acceptance
Killing Joke - Blue Feather
Vex - World In Action
A Touch of Hysteria - Lord's Crusade

Chron Gen - outlaw
Omega Tribe - Duty Calls
Crass - Systematic Death
Conflict - The Guilt and the Glory
Exit-Stance - Christian Militia

Southern Death Cult - Apache (request)
Twisted Nerve - When I'm Alone
Diatribe - Stop Dancing
Thatcher On Acid - Clock Watching

Killing Joke - Follow The Leaders 

DJ Nexus:

Alien Sex Fiend-Alien 
Fad Gadget-Lady Shave
Alan Vega-Be Bop a Lula
Tom Waits-Goin' Out West
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-I Had a Dream, Joe
Bauhaus-Passion of Lovers
Killing Joke-Pssyche
Adverts-New Church 
Black Flag-Loose Nut
Dead Kennedys-Terminal Preppie
Sisters of Mercy-Amphetamine Logic
Clan of Xymox-Muscoviet Musquito
Tones on Tail-Christian Says
Birthday Party-Happy Birthday
Stranglers-North Winds
Lord's of the New Church-Lord's Prayer
The Damned-History of the World Part 1
Pink Turns Blue-When the Hammer Comes Down

See you next time!