Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Doves is teaming up with Dios Mio again, March 7th!

We had so much fun on February 15th teaming up with Dios Mio! at the Frontier Bar that we're doing it again for a second "Deathrock/Dark Punk Holocaust" in Austin on March 7th!

From 5-9PM head over to the Frontier Bar where Dru Criatura will be DJing punk en espanol, hardcore, deathrock, d-beat, etc., Dios Mio "punk guac happy hour" is every Wednesday and Thursday from about 5PM 'til 9 or 9:30PM.

So after you leave Frontier Bar, go over to Chain Drive for No Doves Fly Here 10PM-2AM, DJs Damage Done & Straylight will be spinning deathrock, postpunk, and gothic rock. No cover for either events, 21+, dedicated parking.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Doves playlist for Wed., Feb. 15th, 2012

Here's what you danced, drank, passed out, and made bad decisions to on the night of February 15, 2012 at No Doves Fly Here.


the misfits - 20 eyes
negative trend - i can laugh about it now
gorilla angreb - de kommer ud om natten
zounds - true love
newtown neurotics - when the oil runs out
the damned - new rose
avengers - the american in me
lost cherrees - why does it have to be a dream?
the mob - witch hunt
ciril - broken window
cemetery - grave dance
screaming dead - night creatures
bauhaus - dark entries
crisis - alienation
no hope for the kids - rainy day
the wall - ghetto
the dark - on the wires
siouxsie and the banshees - love in a void
adverts - love songs
joy division - ice age
alien sex fiend - new christian music

the astronauts - gothic rooms
theater of hate - love is a ghost
southern death cult - all glory
new model army - christian militia
nick cave and the bad seeds - city of refuge
pop. 1280 - bodies in the dunes
rudimentary peni - inside
christ vs. warhol - transmission
u.k. subs - ice age
t.s.o.l. - silent scream
the wipers - better off dead
subtonix - black nails in my coffin
fangs on fur - blood on the sand
siouxsie and the banshees - hong kong garden
modern english - move in light
killing joke - eighties
sisters of mercy - you could be the one
rosetta stone - an eye for the main chance 




FUGAZI - Margin Walker
FUGAZI - Greed
1919 - Earth Song
JOSEF K - Head Watch

MINUTEMEN - Glory of Man
THE EX - Fear
COLD WAR - Machinist
CHILDREN'S HOUR - Slaughter House

GANG OF FOUR - I Found That Essence Rare
ZOUNDS - Can't Cheat Karma
BAUHAUS - Lagartija Nick
AUSGANG - Here It Comes
WIRE - Two People in a Room

THE PROLETARIAT - The Guns Are Winning
100 FLOWERS - Our Fallout
THE FALL - Contraflow
ICEAGE - Total Drench



LA VENE DI LUCRETIA - Santa Violenta
DYSTOPIAN SOCIETY - Dystopian Society

RIKK AGNEW - Surfside
ALICE COOPER - Vicious Rumours
45 GRAVE - Violent World
CIRIL - Can't Understand Why

RUDIMENTARY PENI - When You Are a Martian Church
THE CRAMPS - Garbage Man

BAUHAUS - Sanity Assassin
LAS GORGONAS - Macabra La Enterradora
PART 1 - The Corpse

GLORIOUS DIN - Tenement Roofs
BLESSURE GRAVE - Learn to Love the Rope
ROME - To Teach Obedience
LEE HAZLEWOOD - I'd Rather Be Your Enemy

BOYD RICE & Friends - I'd Rather Be Your Enemy

ROME - To Die Among Strangers
DEATH IN JUNE - She Said Destroy
DEATH IN JUNE - But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Secret Oktober's 8th Anniversary & Grand Re-Opening Party!

This is happening TOMORROW, February 18, 2012, in Austin, Texas. From 4PM-8PM.

Secret Oktober has been a great friend of No Doves Fly Here and they're the only locally owned goth/punk  clothing/memorabilia store in Austin. Well, if they're not the only one, they're the BEST one. Support local business, and the local community. It will be a blast.

The Facebook RSVP/Event page is HERE.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update about No Doves' Feb 15th date

We're excited to announce a teaming up between Dios Mio and No Doves! Dios Mio is a punk rock happy hour at the Frontier Bar that occurs every Wednesday and Thursday from 5PM 'til 9:30PM. DJs Robert Delgado and Dru Molina (of Austin's dark punk band The Criaturas) play hardcore punk, punk en espanol, d-beat, etc.

Well, next Wednesday, February 15th, start your evening off at Dios Mio at 5PM, where DJ Dru Molina will play a special deathrock set during the last hour of the event, to get you ready for No Doves Fly Here. At 10PM head on over to Chain Drive for No DOves Fly Here and 4 more hours of deathrock bliss, until 2AM. No cover for either event, of course. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Next No Doves - February 15th, 2012!

Mark your calendars! Next No Doves Fly Here is Wednesday, February 15th, 2012, with DJs Damage Done and Death Church spinning deathrock, postpunk, and gothic rock. As always, the event repeats the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. No cover, 10PM-2AM, 21 and up, at Chain Drive. The Facebook/RSVP page for this No Doves is HERE.

So, what's up with the No Doves folks, you ask?

Of course, the next No Doves is Feb 15th in Austin. As always, it's the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. That means the one after February 15th will be March 7th, 2012. More on this later.

No Doves' own DJ Damage Done and DJ Straylight are doing a weekly, free night at Chain Drive called "Crash." It's an 80s night. And it's every Tuesday night. That means it's - TONIGHT! No cover, 10PM-2AM.

Secondly, our friends in San Antonio are doing their monthly 1313 deathrock night this Saturday, February 11, 2012. DJs Malediction and Munster, both of whom have guested at No Doves Fly Here, will be playing deathrock, postpunk, and gothic rock. It's free, 10PM-2AM-ish at the Thirsty Camel in the Olmos Park area of San Antonio.

No Doves' DJ Death Church has been doing a weekly, one hour neofolk/martial industrial podcast for just over a month now. It's called Eigengrau, and the Facebook page is here, while the website,, is here.

Friday, February 3, 2012

No Doves interviews Deathcharge!

Despite starting up around 1997, Portland's Deathcharge released their first full-length LP only a few months ago, in late 2011, on Unseen Forces (vinyl only; CD in Japan). The LP has garnered positive reviews and its first pressing sold out almost immediately. The LP is a gothic punk rocker in the vein of the first, self-titled Shadow Project LP, The Dark a la "Shattered Glass" or "The Masque," and Iron Mask-era Christian Death. Throw in a tinge of early Sisters of Mercy with a dash of Motorhead and you get one of the more compelling and driving deathrock LPs in recent memory.

As their name implies, Deathcharge -- who have a Facebook page HERE, and a Myspace page HERE --began as a Discharge-inspired discore band, evolving over the years to incorporate subtler postpunk and deathrock influences. The visual presentation of the band is a mix of Batcave and DIY crust: Big, colored hair in blues, reds, and whites, a la Xmal Deustchland; mesh shirts; lipstick, white face makeup, frock coats, and fog machines; homemade banners tacked up on the stage behind the drums -- and a sound that errs decidedly on the side of guitar-driven rock and roll, like Rozz Williams' Daucus Karota deathrock side project. They're one of the most exciting bands to watch in this area of music today.

Interview with Deathcharge singer Adam Nauseam February, 2012. Interview below the cut.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

No Doves setlist for Wed., Feb. 1st, 2012

Here's what you danced, drank, passed out, and made bad decisions to, on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012.


joy division - dead souls
crass - bata motel
Epitaphe - L'ecume Des Regrets
danse society - heaven is waiting
L'Enfance Eternelle - the smile of an old clown
southern death cult - fatman
theatre of hate - 63
Disappointed a few people - we shall die again
poison girls - reality attack
christ vs. warhol - the end is nigh
rudimentary peni - army of jesus
13th chime - coffin maker
the mob - gates of hell
amebix - slave
lost tribe - fading into the fog
killing joke - complications
the wall - ghetto
red lorry yellow lorry - silence
bauhaus - in the flat field
45 grave - evil
abwarts - computerstaat

sisters of mercy - alice
screams for tina - graveyard mary
days of sorrow - it's about time
rosetta stone - leave me for dead
the mission - severina
ghost dance - river of no return
voodoo church - live with the dead
fields of the nephilim - preacher man
march violets - snake dance
bauhaus - dark entries
siouxsie and the banshees - halloween
cranes - shining road
the prids - the glow
christ vs. warhol - paper dolls
paralisis permanente - sangre
fangs on fur - blood on the sand


The Three Johns - 3 Junk
Subhumans - Animal
Kommunity FK - Anti-Pop
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Love in a Void
The Cure - One Hundred Years
Danse Society - Midnight Land
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Jangling Jack
Killing Joke - Change
Clan of Xymox - 7th Time (Subsequent Pleasures Demo)
Ghost Dance - A Deeper Blue
Joy Division - Glass
Magazine - Philadelphia
Alien Sex Fiend - Another Planet
Fad Gadget - Swallow It
The Sisterhood - Jihad

Cold Phoenix - La Fleur du Destin
Love & Rockets - The Bubblemen Are Coming
Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Love Comes In Spurts
Au Pairs - Set-Up
Suicide - Shadazz
March Violets - Part II: Lights Go Out
The Stranglers - Curfew
Dead Kennedys - At My Job
Tones on Tail - Performance 7"
The Damned - The Shadow of Love
Bauhaus - Passion of Lovers
The Meteors - Earwigs In My Brain
Merry Thoughts - Second Generation
Tubeway Army - Bombers
Public Image Ltd. - Careering

No Doves Fly Here: The Interviews (so far)

You all know No Doves is a twice-per-month event night where we play deathrock, postpunk, and gothic rock (for free). We all love old school positive punk, anarcho/peace-punk, and goth-punk, and we explore the overlaps between these niches in our playlists. We've so far put out one CD-R sampler and another one is coming up; our two stipulations when doing this is that we put only currently-extant bands on the CD-R, and we get their permission to do so. They're not mix CDs.

But you may not know that we also interview bands exclusively for this website, part of our building relationships with bands that we play at our event nights. These are some of the interviews we've done so far. More are on the way.

1. Interview with California dark punk band CIRIL.

2. Interview with LA deathrock band CHRIST VS WARHOL.

3. Interview with the singer of 80s UK goth-punk band PART 1.

4. Interview with LA deathrock band FANGS ON FUR.

5. Interview with Portland goth-punk band DEATHCHARGE.

6. Interview with deathrock DJs Johnny Bubonic (of Funeral Drive) and Ely Bat/Malediction (of 1313, deathrock Disko, etc.)