Tuesday, May 22, 2012

About the No Doves CD Sampler, Vol. 3

This is info about the free No Doves Fly Here CD-R comp. of current bands we gave away on May 16, 2012.


Assembled by DJ Damage Done & DJ Death Church

May, 2012

nodovesflyhere.com // nodovesatx@gmail.com


1. DEAD CULT - Witch Hunt (The Mob)
2. DEAD CULT - Surviving in a Dying World
3. SPECTRES - Visions of a New World
4. SPECTRES - Time Is Out
5. ARCTIC FLOWERS - Technicolor Haze
6. ARCTIC FLOWERS - Rats in the Walls
7. DEATHCHARGE - Hangman
8. DEATHCHARGE - Newest Dark Age
9. PINKISH BLACK - Spiritual Cramp (Christian Death)

About the bands:

DEAD CULT are a new band from Portland, Oregon. They’re young! But they don’t sound like it.
They started in the Fall of last year, around the same time No Doves Fly Here started. Recalling the
early “positive punk”/goth punk of bands like Blood and Roses and Madhouse, all of their stuff that is
available is now currently only available on Youtube. Check them out there! We have an interview
with them at the nodovesflyhere.com website.

SPECTRES are from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and have been around since about
2006. They have two EPs and one LP, Last Days, out so far, though another LP, Strange Weather,
is due out July, 2012. Their early stuff was compared to Warsaw and Crisis but their more recent
stuff has merited comparisons to more postpunk bands like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. We also have an
interview with them up at nodovesflyhere.com.

ARCTIC FLOWERS, like Dead Cult, are a female-fronted band from Portland, Oregon – and, also
like Dead Cult, their sound harkens back to the days of Lost Cherrees and Rubella Ballet. In fact,t
hey hare named after a Rubella Ballet song. “Rats in the Walls” is off a split they did with The
Spectres, also on this comp. The bassist, Stan Wright, used to live in Austin, where he was a
member of Signal Lost. He now runs Buzz or Howl Studios in PDX.

DEATHCHARGE! Guess where they’re from? Portland, again! This is the longest-running band on
this sampler. They began in 1997 as a Discharge-clone band but have gradually evolved into a
gothic rock juggernaut in the vein of early Shadow Project or Daucus Karota. Their first and only
LP came out last Fall, Love Was Born to an Early Death. We also have done an interview with them
at our website.

PINKISH BLACK. Finally some Texans in the house. Pinkish Black are from the Fort Worth and
Denton areas; the drummer used to play in the band Yeti. They take their name from seeing a
friend’s blood on the wall after he had killed himself – it looked “pinkish black.” The band have a
sound not unlike Alaric or Atriarch. But this is their unreleased cover of Christian Death’s “Spiritual
Cramp” we managed to get our hands on. They have a new LP out on the Handmade Birds label.
No Doves Fly Here is a free, 21 and up deathrock, postpunk, and gothic rock night held on the 1
st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.

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